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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Save Excel Cells as Image

There are many function inbuilt in excel for saving the Excel worksheet in various formats. Did you ever want to save a particular selected data cells in excel as an image? I will show you a simple way to do it. Using the below method you can convert custom selected excel cells into image format. This method as compared to a simple screenshot is better in terms of the output image quality and resolution.

Note: this tutorial assumes that you have Microsoft Excel 2007 or above.

Step 1: Open the existing excel file.

Step 2: Select the cells that you want to save as an image and click on the small black arrow on the "Copy icon" in the "Clipboard" group as shown in the screenshot below. Then select the "Copy as Picture option.

Step 3: Now the image is copied to your clipboard. All you have to do is, open any image viewer and paste it by choosing the key combination (Ctrl + v). You can also choose to paste in Microsoft word or any other text editor.

If you do not have the Free "Irfanview" image viewer then it is about time you get it for its versatility. If you do not want to use irfanview, Microsoft paint will also do the job.

Step 4: Open Irfanview and choose Edit > Paste. You now have the image that can be saved in any format you desire.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Merge Word Documents

The following method shows how to merge or combine multiple word documents. The easiest way is to of course copy/paste the contents one after the other. But it would be very tedious especially if the word documents are long. Do you have 2 or more long Microsoft word documents and wanted to join them one after the other? In that case, follow the steps below and you can merge multiple word documents.

Note: this tutorial is using Microsoft word 2010

Step 1: Select the first word document and double click on it to open it in Word

Step 2: Place the cursor at the end of the text of the first document (just left click at the position where you want the second document to be placed)

Step 3: Click on the "Insert" tab

Step 4: Click on the small black arrow on the "Object" item and select "Text from File" item

Step 5: In the window that pops up select the second word file and click on "OK" button. That is it. The second file is now joined to the first one.

If you wanted to convert word to PDF online without the need for any additional software, then click on the link below.

Word to PDF

Excel Camera Tool not Visible

Excel has a very good tool that comes in handy in many cases. We are talking about the camera tool. However, the camera tool is not visible by default. If you cannot locate it on your excel toolbar, here is a way to include it in the part of the toolbar that you wish.
NOTE: the steps below are for Excel 2007 and upwards.

Step 1: Click on the file button in the menu followed by options as shown below.

Step 2: In the popup window that follows, select the "quick access toolbar" tab > "All commands" option in the choose command drop down box.

Step 3: In the list select the "Camera" item (single left click) to choose it and then click on "Add" button. Finally click on "OK" button.

Step 4: You can now find the camera tool in the "quick access toolbar" as shown below.

Are you wondering how you can use the camera tool? and what wonders in excel you can do with this tool? Will post some tricks soon.

Tip: If you wish to convert your excel files to PDF, you can use the tool by clicking the link below.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Google Royality Free Images

Yes, you heared it right ! Now you can use Google to get royality free images. When you normally search for images in google, the listed images are NOT free to use on your website or any other purpose. They may be copyright protected by the owner and not for free use. Google has now added an option to filter out images that are free to use. Go to google image search by clicking here. Enter any term to search; for example "India". You will see a lot of images, however NOT all are free to use. Click on the "search tools"  > "Usage rights" buttons as shown below.

There are multiple options; choose the one that you desire, for example "Labeled for reuse with modification" and the list of images changes to the ones that can be reused. Download the image you like and use it wherever you want without having to worry about any copyright issues.

Also explore the "Color" and "Type" options to filter the google images. Interesting isn't it?

Resources: Do you have a photoshop file and wanted to convert it to a Jpg file? No problem, use the link below.

How to Password Protect Zip Files

If you have some confidential files and want to send them to anyone, consider to password protect the zip files because sending them. This post will show you how exactly to add a password to a zip file. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt way to zip files in windows vista and higher (including windows 7). For some strange reason this inbuilt support to password protect zip files has been removed from new versions of Windows.

If you are still using windows XP, you are in for some luck. Use the instructions on this link to add password to a zip file. If you are using windows vista, windows 7 or higher, then follow the instructions below.

The only way to do it in windows now is to use a 3rd party tool. One I would recommend is winrar from rarlabs. Go to the download page by clicking this link. Once on that page, click on the appropriate download link as shown in the red box below (if you are not sure if you have 64 bit or 32 bit, then find out by clicking on the start button > right clicking on "My Computer" or "Computer" and choose "properties". In the properties, you should see the line saying "System Type" which should say 64 bit or 32 bit).

Back to our main problem of password protecting the zip file. Once you install the correct version of winrar, put all the files you want to zip into a folder. The folder can also contain other folders and files within them.

Step 1: Right click on the folder that you need to zip and choose "Add to Archive" that will popup a window as shown below. In the window change the filename of the zip file as you desire and also select the archive format to "zip".

Step 2: Go to the "Advanced" tab and click on the "set password" button as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: In the screen that follows, enter the password you desire and click ok. Click OK on the old popup as well. That is it, you have just password protected the zip file.

Winrar comes with a 30 day trial, however, after the trial version expires you can continue to use it with a nagging buy screen poping up with every zip or unzipping.

Tip: Do you have a rar file and wanted to convert it to a zip file? Then you can use the free web application on the page below.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to record Skype calls?

Pamela for Skype allows you to quickly record your Skype calls for free up to 15 minutes (audio) and 5 minutes (video).It's a great tool for recording audio and video calls with neat extras.

Note: Pamela Call Recorder is a Skype Extra which requires Skype and Skype Extras Manager. Normally the Extras Manager is installed with Skype, if not you will need to re-install Skype with Extras Manager.

Pamela offers us three editions:

 Basic is offered for free, but recordings are limited to 15 minutes and you are unable to record video and audio together.

Call Recorder is similar to basic, with 15 minute recording limitation.

Professional is even more feature rich, offering the blogging platform as well as voicemail and contact management.

Business is the cream of the crop, which includes integration into Microsoft Outlook and priority technical support by Pamela staff.

At the end of the day if you are interested in the professional rdition and want to remove the limitation you can purchase Pamela professional which offers you more features like:

  • Record any type of Skype call (Audio and Video!)
  • Take notes during a call or add them later
  • Use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool sounds during a call
  • Automatic call recording (In- Outbound or both)
  • Disable call recording warnings
  • Automatic Skype chat reply while you are away
  • Record in MP3 format
  • Very easy to use 

How to send free fax from your PC?

This is an interesting thing for anyone who would like to send free fax copies to anyone. All you need is a Microsoft account (Live ID (or) Hotmail account).With this you will be able to send 50 pages per month to any fax machine in the world for free.

To do this you have to follow these steps:

1. Sign-up with your Microsoft account here and agree with it's terms and conditions.

2. Upload your document by drag and drop or by choosing one from your PC( PDFs, text files, images and other formats.).

3. Enter a fax number of the recipient.

4. Click send to deliver the fax.

5. Receive the confirmation from the recipient which is automatically saved in your SkyDrive account. 

Using the above method, you can send fax for free from your PC to fax number.